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Here you will find answers to your IoT related questions.


     We do consulting on IoT, devices, sensors, communication nodes, power supplies and energy harvesting for wireless nodes, and any other smart technology you can think of. What makes us different is that we also care about how green our design is. Rather how it can make the world greener! Electronics might not be associated with nature, but we believe we can find a way to use them to help Earth survive, and make it possible for us to thrive together.

     Like any good story, this also starts with a change. Vladislav had just come back from Mallorca after a year there working on a 5G project. It was not his calling so he started exploring other options, mainly a Ph.D. that had to do with LoRa®. He knew very little about it at the time, and naturally, he did not get the position.

     He thought however this is worth pursuing, so he joined with an old friend from his high school days, Todor, who had also been involved with electronics for the last 15 years and they started researching, buying equipment, testing, and developing.

     Their mutual vision for a greener and more sustainable world led to the creation of a startup named IoT4Green. And those people, young and hopeful, are us. We started broadening our knowledge, made experiments, testings, and the occasional explosion to better understand the IoT and LoRa® technologies to suit our purpose.

     This journey led to us on the path of learning some pretty useful stuff as, a year ago we got in touch with RAKwireless® first to buy some equipment for us, and later to offer our advice on how they can improve their products and the accompanying documentation to make it more appealing to the customer (we were and still are such a customer). They liked our way of thinking and offered us jobs as part-time support, consulting, and late on producing content for them. We take care of a lot of content generation, mainly on the technical side of their new product releases.

     This fits in well with our idea for IoT4Green. It allowed us to keep our knowledge fresh, have the latest hardware as we were testing it for RAKwireless®. It also gave us a broader look over where IoT and LoRaWAN® in specific are headed.

     Thus we grow as our partners and the IoT field grow. We believe that we can now offer a lot of knowhow over the whole cycle of deploying a variety of LoRWAN® solutions. From deploying the backbone network to designing end nodes and testing infield, and finally aggregating the data at a network server to be submitted into a database and analyzed. We are the people to ask!



     Do you want to know more about our work? You have specific questions, or just want to say hello? Feel free to contact us through our contact form or on-site.