R&D, Testing, and Consulting

As an engineer and creative duo with extensive knowledge and experience in the IoT industry, we offer consultancy services to guide businesses in selecting the right IoT products for their needs.

From concept to implementation, we collaborate closely with our clients to design and build scalable and secure IoT systems using LoRaWAN protocols. Whether it’s developing proof-of-concept end devices, installing sensors in the field, or deploying network infrastructure and IoT platform integration, we deliver robust solutions aligned with industry best practices.

Content Creation and Technical Marketing

Building upon our engineering prowess, we leverage our research and testing knowledge to create compelling technical marketing content. By closely collaborating with our clients, we establish a comprehensive documentation framework, encompassing technical guides and marketing materials.

Once the structure has been agreed upon, we implement it in stages to align with the client’s marketing strategy. We deliver a complete set of assets, text, and visuals.

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