A DIY Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway with Battery Backup

A DIY Outdoor LoRaWAN® Gateway with Battery Backup

   When we first started researching the world of IoT and working in that sphere, there were a lot of challenges. Hardware shortage was one of them. Thus, while finding our way in the technological jungle we decided to make our own outdoor LoRaWAN gateway, as we needed it to continue our work. 

   As we’ve mentioned before working with RAKwireless is a big part of our growth. Using their products our team sharpens our knowledge and we can learn about the ever-growing IoT. So, naturally, this project implements one of their products.

   Here is the Hackster article we’ve made a while back as an experiment and a working exercise, documenting the process of making our DIY outdoor LoRaWAN gateway.

   Click and enjoy it! Maybe this tutorial will help you as well 🙂

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